Two styles. One kick-ass workout. A-Tone.

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘Train insane, or remain the same’?

At A-Tone, we take insane training to a whole new level.

Presenting SHREDTM, a hybrid of high intensity and circuit training based on functional movements that pick elements from HIIT, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics and calisthenics combined with aerobics and resistance strongman training that make for a complete body showdown for the most clean and helpful workout to reach your goals.

We consider your current levels of stamina, body mass index, health and your goals for your body to create the most targeted weight-loss and muscle-gain workout like no other. You will be working with kettlebells, ropes, and resistance equipment as well as using the strength of your own body to push the limits of high-intensity training.

We offer two styles of SHREDTM training:

We make a rigorous boot-camp with a difference – indulge in some competitive play and keep the environment positive and happening, no jeers from your peers. This one-hour workout is ideal, whether you are aiming to shed the excess pounds, increase stamina or strength, or simply to get fit – SHREDTM is the ultimate hit for all your needs.

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Level Advanced
Max Participants 20