Anjali Chandiramani

Founder, A-Tone Fitness Lounge

Fitness enthusiast, creator of the Cross-CuitTM style of working out, Anjali Chandiramani is the founder of A-Tone Fitness Lounge in Business Bay, Dubai. Hosting three studios that train holistically in three different workout styles, A-Tone is a fitness lounge that incorporates a healthy environment into the lifestyle of trainees, and was formulated by certified Pilates trainer Anjali Chandiramani.

A-Tone is the first ever fitness centre in the region introducing EXO Chair Pilates as well as reformer and mat Pilates that has been adopted by Bollywood Celebrities as the go-to fitness method. If one is looking to strengthen and tighten the abdominal and gluteus muscles for excellent posture and lean muscle-building, then Pilates is for you. It also has a strong mind/body connection, and so those who are looking at low-impact but high intensity training may want to opt for a Pilates class at A-Tone.

Anjali is the brain behind Cross-CuitTM training, a hybrid of high intensity and circuit training that incorporates time-based HIIT routines into strength training such as strongman, resistance, Olympic weights, and insanity regimes for a total-body meltdown without the risk of overexertion. A-Tone’s trainers take into account one’s current levels of stamina, body mass index, health and your goals for your body to create the most targeted weight-loss and muscle-gain.

Apart from Cross-CuitTM and Pilates, A-Tone fitness lounge also provides Swing Yoga for total body rejuvenation, as well as a hub for healthy sweet-treats, pre- and post-workout foods for patrons.

Anjali’s motto is to choose fitness as a lifestyle, as working out drives her. Aiming to receiving a physical training certification, Anjali Chandiramani is a Dubai-based MBA holder with a passion for clean living. Her vision for 2020 is to start up four branches of A-Tone in different parts of Dubai, and to encourage the city to embrace clean eating and healthy living.

Apart from fitness, Anjali is also passionate about fashion, and has been a fashion designer for 14 years prior to starting up her own bespoke fitness lounge.

Quotes from Anjali


Fitness shouldn’t be a part of your life temporarily, like until you fit into a pair of jeans, or show off your abs at a wedding: it should be a lifestyle choice, to improve the quality of your life.

I absolutely love working out. It drives me. I love to try different kinds of workouts and that’s what I’m offering. I’m here to encourage people to adopt clean workouts and clean eats, which is a the most simplistic form of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The combination of stress, unhealthy eating and no exercise can drain our happiness. And fitness is such a simple choice people can make but they get overwhelmed by the idea of where to start. This is what has motivated my venture- A-Tone- in collaboration with celebrity fitness coach. We’re here to guide those who approach us, whether they’re just starting off on their journey or need to challenge their bodies.

Be a better version of yourself.